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Recent advances in cyber security and privacy of multimedia big data in smart systems

In recent years, data production sources are noticeably larger in line with the scale of new high-end streaming devices, wireless sensor networks, satellite, and wearable Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The IoT is the inter-networking of various physical devices, objects, and people. The vital role of IoT is to collect and share the electronic information between the source and destination. In recent years, IoT has been widely applied in many areas to include such innovations as the development of smart cities and smart homes, continuous patient monitoring system, and environmental monitoring. IoT devices generate a massive volume of data (Big data) in a continuous manner. Big data refers to a massive collection of massive of data that cannot be processed by conventional data processing tools and technologies. The explosion of multimedia big data has created unprecedented opportunities and fundamental security challenges not only due to their high volume, but due to the fact that they are often unstructured and multi-modal. The massive transmission of connected devices in the IoT has generated enormous demand for robust security in response to the growing demand of billions of connected devices worldwide. The number of threats is rising daily, and attacks have been on the rise in both number and complexity. Therefore cyber security algorithms and architectures are required for IoT with data confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and authorization. Moreover, privacy protection must also be considered. Many IoT devices and critical infrastructures produce an enormous amount of personal and sensitive data which may be abused by unauthorized users and intruders.

Edited by Gunasekaran Manogaran, Naveen Chilamkurti and Ching-Hsien Hsu

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    Authors: Naga Malleswari TYJ and Vadivu G
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2019 8:3