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Studying Stem Cell and Developmental Biology with Single Cell Technologies

Leading editors:
Dr. Guoji Guo (School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, China)
Dr. Naihe Jing (CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, China)

A thematic series in Cell Regeneration.

Individual cells are fundamental units of life. The genome sequence of an organism is shared but is utilized differently in different cell types to produce the transcriptomes of individual cells with diverse functions. Recently, breakthroughs in single-cell technologies have greatly enhanced our ability to study molecular events in stem cell and developmental biology.

To highlight both technical advances of single cell genomics and biological insights into stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, Cell Regeneration is currently inviting submissions to its upcoming special issue on Studying Stem Cell and Developmental Biology with Single Cell Technologies. Research of interest, alongside commissioned review and comment articles from experts in the field will be converged on this special issue.

We will especially welcome Research, Method and Resource, Opinion and Review submissions, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Studying Stem Cell and Developmental Biology at single cell level
  • Single cell sequencing technologies
  • Spatial analysis of single cells
  • Computational analysis of single cell data

The Editor-in-Chief of Cell Regeneration will review all submissions prior to peer review and may reject any of them that do not fit the scope of the journal or do not meet the journal's standards for peer review. All articles of Thematic Series will undergo full, independent peer review, in line with the journal's ethical and editorial policies, outlined in its submission guidelines. There is no guarantee of acceptance, even for commissioned or invited papers. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief has a final authority on editorial content.

  1. As an important part of the stomach, gastric antrum secretes gastrin which can regulate acid secretion and gastric emptying. Although most cell types in the gastric antrum are identified, the comparison of cel...

    Authors: Xiaodan Wang, Fan Hong, Haonan Li, Yalong Wang, Mengxian Zhang, Shibo Lin, Hui Liang, Hongwen Zhou, Yuan Liu and Ye-Guang Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2023 12:27
  2. Animal models are widely used for biomedical studies and drug evaluation. The small intestine plays key roles in nutrient absorption, hormone secretion, microbiota defense and drug absorption and metabolism. A...

    Authors: Haonan Li, Xiaodan Wang, Yalong Wang, Mengxian Zhang, Fan Hong, Hong Wang, Along Cui, Jianguo Zhao, Weizhi Ji and Ye-Guang Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:19
  3. Information about the dynamic change and post-injury regeneration of cervical epithelium is relatively rare, even though it is tightly related to gynecologic malignancy. Here, using a feeder cell-based culturi...

    Authors: Zixian Zhao, Yujia Wang, Yingchuan Wu, Dandan Li, Ting Zhang, Yu Ma, Xiaoming Teng and Wei Zuo
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:36