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In person, hybrid and online higher education: supporting students’ complex trajectories

This special issue looks for articles that address the question of the passage through higher education from the concept of complex trajectory (focused on delay, stop-out or change of modality, degree or institution), preferably following a longitudinal methodology, or focusing on how technology helps to monitor, control and support students in these processes, and that take equity issues into consideration. In short, we want to produce an issue that address the question of understanding complex trajectories and how higher education institutions approach them. 

We consider a trajectory to be complex when, beyond the diversity of curricular itineraries, it follows a different path and pace from that stipulated by the institution. In this way, among other possible routes, there are trajectories of delay, stop-out and change. The change can be of degree, of discipline, of higher education institution, or, particularly relevant to this issue, of modality (i.e., from face-to-face to hybrid or online education, or vice versa).  

Guest editors: 
Helena Troiano, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
John Brennan, Open University, UK 
Jean-François Giret, University of Burgundy, France 

  1. Miscommunication between instructors and students is a significant obstacle to post-secondary learning. Students may skip office hours due to insecurities or scheduling conflicts, which can lead to missed oppo...

    Authors: Ramteja Sajja, Yusuf Sermet, David Cwiertny and Ibrahim Demir
    Citation: International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education 2023 20:42
  2. The increase in university participation has led to greater complexity in terms of students' trajectories, with the option of changing degree course or higher education institution or, more recently, the mode ...

    Authors: Albert Sánchez-Gelabert and Marina Elias
    Citation: International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education 2023 20:39