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Sustainable Urban Systems

This is an article collection published in Ecological Processes.

Edited by: Yuyu Zhou, Gang Chen, Weiqi Zhou

Population growth and its need for economic development have caused unprecedented land cover and land use change (LCLUC), exerting a profound impact on urban systems. Urbanization, one major form of LCLUCs, has drawn increasing attention for its significant role in changing the ecological processes in the urban domain. Particularly over the past several decades, the world has experienced fast urbanization, and this trend is expected to continue for decades to come. There is a growing need, from both the academic and policy-making communities, for science-based information and evidences to improve our understanding of urban ecological processes, and to inform the development of best management practices.

This special issue invites original manuscripts on the most recent research and advancement in methodologies and findings to improve the understanding of urban ecological processes across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Potential topics on urban ecological processes include, but are not limited to: 

  • Urban climate (e.g., patterns, causes, and effects of urban heat island)
  • Urban biogeochemistry (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions), urban soils (e.g., carbon and nitrogen dynamics)
  • Urban hydrology (e.g., stormwater management)
  • Urban biota (e.g., urban forests and invasive species)
  • Interactions between anthropogenic activities and the physical environments

Published articles in this collection

  1. Population growth and intensified human activities in conjunction with climate variability continue to affect the hydrologic cycle, aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna. In this regard, understanding intera...

    Authors: Farshid Zolfagharpour, Bahram Saghafian and Majid Delavar
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:19
  2. Increasing urbanization as well as global warming requires an investigation of the influence of different construction methods and ground surfaces on the urban heat island effect (UHI effect). The extent of th...

    Authors: Florian Teichmann, Christina Maria Baumgartner, Andras Horvath, Markus Luisser and Azra Korjenic
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:67
  3. Cyanobacteria are among the first photoautotrophic component of soil microorganism communities which play a key ecological role in nutrient cycles and soil productivity. However, the sustainability of these so...

    Authors: Z. Hakkoum, F. Minaoui, M. Douma, K. Mouhri and M. Loudiki
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:42
  4. The focus of this study was to investigate the wide use of Eucalyptus spp., an exotic plant with high allelopathic ability, in the reforestation programs of urban parks in São Paulo City, Brazil, over the last ce...

    Authors: Maurício Lamano Ferreira, Marcelo Ferreira Barbosa, Eduardo Pereira Cabral Gomes, Ana Paula Branco do Nascimento, Edgar Fernando de Luca, Karina Gonçalves da Silva, Ulisses Bezerra França, Plínio Barbosa de Camargo and Raffaele Lafortezza
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:27
  5. Disentangling the relative roles of environmental filtering and spatial processes in structuring ecological communities is a central topic in metacommunity ecology. Metacommunity ecology in the temperate river...

    Authors: Zhenyuan Liu, Tingting Zhou, Yongde Cui, Zhengfei Li, Weimin Wang, Yushun Chen and Zhicai Xie
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:23
  6. Cities are social-ecological systems characterized by remarkably high spatial and temporal heterogeneity, which are closely related to myriad urban problems. However, the tools to map and quantify this heterog...

    Authors: Yuguo Qian, Weiqi Zhou, Steward T. A. Pickett, Wenjuan Yu, Dingpeng Xiong, Weimin Wang and Chuanbao Jing
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2020 9:59
  7. Limited information is available on heavy metal patterns in lakes under rapid watershed urbanization, especially considering a large spatial gradient with a long linear distance and great variations in topogra...

    Authors: Wentong Xia, Rui Wang, Bin Zhu, Lars G. Rudstam, Yinglong Liu, Yanxue Xu, Wei Xin and Yushun Chen
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2020 9:47
  8. Surface water improvements associated with the COVID-19 economic slowdown illustrate environmental resiliency and societal control over urban water quality.

    Authors: Dennis W. Hallema, François-Nicolas Robinne and Steven G. McNulty
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2020 9:22