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Technology Enhanced Learning or Learning driven by Technology?

Students’ expectations have evolved during the last decade about how and when to study. Traditional teaching methodologies based on static material or master classes are not always the best approach to promote learning. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been introduced to enhance the way the teaching is undertaken. Utilizing ICT in education, or in other words Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), can facilitate efficient e-learning models where technology helps learners to build students’ knowledge. Online learning is continuously promoting new methodologies for learning by using the technology as a cornerstone for this type of development. Onsite teaching focuses on maintaining the interest of the learner by applying active learning or by moving to blended learning and using the technology as a new resource in the learning process. Thus, instructors and practitioners face revolutionary changes in teaching methodologies since the introduction of TEL. Technology is evolving incredibly fast, new trends are appearing and, also, the expectations of all actors (i.e. teacher and learners). Technology is helping to develop new teaching methodologies but technology is not the only resource to foster students’ knowledge. This thematic series focuses on disseminating learning experiences and critical studies enhanced by technology and not compelled by the use of technology. 

Edited by Denise Whitelock, Eric Ras, Nicola Capuano, Maria Jesús Marco Galindo and David Baneres

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