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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Possibilities and Prospects for the Global South

Unlike other regional Free Trade Agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) focuses more on intellectual property right (IPR), labour standard, competition policy, environmental protection and the role of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in addition to trade and investment. Through investigating a number of empirical case studies, this thematic series aims at deepening the discussion and understanding with regard to TPP’s potential impact on developing countries’ economies, its significance for potential changes in relationship between developed and developing countries and implications for the future development of regional and global governance. 

Edited by: Chiang Min-Hua

  1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a free trade agreement with high standards, affecting multiple industries, and imposing tremendous economic impacts. The TPP accounts for 36% of world GDP and its signifi...

    Authors: Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Joe-San Lee and Yu-Chun Ma
    Citation: Bandung: Journal of the Global South 2017 4:4