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Uncertainty and risk analysis in forest ecosystem dynamics

  1. With the loss of species worldwide due to anthropogenic factors, especially in forested ecosystems, it has become more urgent than ever to understand the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationship (BEFR)....

    Authors: James V Watson, Jingjing Liang, Patrick C Tobin, Xiangdong Lei, James S Rentch and Catherine E Artis
    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:22
  2. Forest management faces a climate induced shift in growth potential and increasing current and emerging new risks. Vulnerability analysis provides decision support based on projections of natural resources tak...

    Authors: Matthias Albert, Jan Hansen, Jürgen Nagel, Matthias Schmidt and Hermann Spellmann
    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:14
  3. Forest managers must deal with inherently stochastic ecological and economic processes. The future growth of trees is uncertain, and so is their value. The randomness of low-impact, high frequency or rare cata...

    Authors: Joseph Buongiorno and Mo Zhou
    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:4
  4. This article considers threats to a project slipping on budget, schedule and fit-for-purpose. Threat is used here as the collective for risks (quantifiable bad things that can happen) and uncertainties (poorly...

    Authors: Mike Mentis
    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:2
  5. In this paper, a regression model for predicting the spatial distribution of forest cockchafer larvae in the Hessian Ried region (Germany) is presented. The forest cockchafer, a native biotic pest, is a major ...

    Authors: Matthias Schmidt and Rainer Hurling
    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:19