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Verification and composition for the internet of services and things

The Internet of Services and Things promotes a distributed computing environment that will be inhabited by a virtually infinite number of software services and things. Within this context, software systems will increasingly be built by reusing and composing together software services and things distributed over the Internet.

The Internet of Services and Things is thus radically changing the way software will be produced, verified and used, and calls for new software composition paradigms and patterns, flexible infrastructures and integration architectures, as well as novel modeling and verification methods. Despite the great interest in software composition and verification methods, when developing service- and thing-based software systems, strong challenges remain in place.

This JISA Thematic Series aims at new verification and composition techniques able to meet the requirements of modern applications, counteracting the specialization of traditional approaches in order to deal with heterogeneity, dynamicity, adaptation, large scale, mobility, security, etc.

Edited by: Marco Autili, Massimo Tivoli, Dimitra Giannakopoulou