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Video in educational research: International perspectives on theory and analysis

This special issue presents selected contributions to the 2017 Association of Visual Pedagogy Conference that was held at Aalborg University, Denmark, in June 2017. The articles focus on different  aspects of theory and analysis of the role of video in educational research. Particular emphasis is placed on international contributions that explore the analytical choices and challenges faced by researchers who work with videos, and the unique details that can be identified and shown in and through videos. Additional visual material in the special issue will showcase what it means to collect, unpack and reassemble the visual means.

Edited by Kathrin Otrel-Cass

  1. This article introduces an “Inquiry Graphics” (IG) approach for multimodal, Peircean semiotic video analysis and coding. It builds on Charles Sanders Peirce’s core triadic interpretation of sign meaning-making...

    Authors: Nataša Lacković
    Citation: Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy 2018 3:6
  2. This article presents multiple episodes drawing from three distinct research projects conducted in multilingual classrooms in Luxembourg, to underscore the value of video analysis in culturally and linguistica...

    Authors: Sara E. D. Wilmes, Roberto Gómez Fernández, Anna Gorges and Christina Siry
    Citation: Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy 2018 3:4