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Water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters under Influences of Climate Change and Human Activities

This special series collect the articles from the research on water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters. It publishes some key contributions from different aspects of water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters including flood, water pollution, extreme weather, etc. The series continues with further articles dealing with water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters.

Edited by Bin He, Camilo Allyson Simões de Farias, Netrananda Sahu

  1. At the beginning of October 2021, the northwest China suffered torrential rainfall and several loess landslides were induced in Northwest China. This work presents a typical case (the Zhongzhai landslide) reac...

    Authors: Shuai Zhang, Ping Sun, Jian Ren, Haojie Wang, Peng Xin and Tao Wang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:19
  2. Extreme rainfall events are enormously frequent and abrupt in tropical areas like the Jeju Island of South Korea, impacting the hydrological functions as well as the social and economic situation. Rainfall mag...

    Authors: Kanak Kanti Kar, Sung-Kee Yang, Jun-Ho Lee and Fahad Khan Khadim
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2017 4:18
  3. This study explores some possible impacts that climate change could have in regional scale landslide early warning systems based on rainfall thresholds. The early warning system of the Emilia Romagna region (I...

    Authors: Samuele Segoni, Ascanio Rosi, Daniela Lagomarsino, Riccardo Fanti and Nicola Casagli
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2016 3:21
  4. Natural hazards have had significant impacts on life, livelihood and property in the mountain regions. Hazards identification in high mountain areas involved intensive and lengthy fieldwork and mapping with th...

    Authors: Abhay S. Prasad, Bindhy W. Pandey, Walter Leimgruber and Ripu M. Kunwar
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2016 3:3
  5. The global mean temperature has risen by 0.85 °C from 1880 to 2012, and this increase may even accelerate in the future. The surface temperatures of large inland water bodies worldwide have been rapidly warmin...

    Authors: Xinyan Li, Lu Zhang, Guishan Yang, Hengpeng Li, Bin He, Yuwei Chen and Xuguang Tang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:22
  6. In recent years, the meteorological extreme events have caused the direct economic losses and human mortality increased significantly. While there has been a paucity of information regarding trends in meteoro...

    Authors: Meihua Wu, Yaning Chen, Huaijun Wang and Guili Sun
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:3