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  1. A

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    1. AAPS Open
    2. Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences
    3. Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging
    4. Advances in Aerodynamics
    5. Advances in Bridge Engineering
    6. Advances in Difference Equations
    7. African Journal of Urology
    8. Agricultural and Food Economics
    9. AI Perspectives
    10. Ain-Shams Journal of Anesthesiology
    11. AMB Express
    12. Annals of Intensive Care
    13. Annals of Pediatric Surgery
    14. Applied Adhesion Science
    15. Applied Biological Chemistry
    16. Applied Microscopy
    17. Applied Network Science
    18. Applied Petrochemical Research
    19. Applied Water Science
    20. Arabian Journal of Mathematics
    21. Asia-Pacific Science Education
    22. Asian Journal of German and European Studies
    23. Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    24. Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education
  2. B

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    1. Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
    2. Biophysics Reports
    3. Bioresources and Bioprocessing
    4. Botanical Studies
    5. Boundary Value Problems
    6. Brain Informatics
    7. Built Heritage
    8. Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy
    9. Bulletin of the National Research Centre
    10. Business Research
  3. C

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    1. Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture
    2. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
    3. City, Territory and Architecture
    4. Clinical Phytoscience
    5. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications
    6. Comparative Migration Studies
    7. Complex & Intelligent Systems
    8. Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling
    9. Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology
    10. Computational Social Networks
    11. Computational Visual Media
    12. CVIR Endovascular Open peer review
    13. Cybersecurity
  4. D

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    1. Data Science and Engineering
    2. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research
  5. E

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    1. Earth, Planets and Space
    2. Ecological Processes
    3. Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control
    4. Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences
    5. Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics
    6. Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery
    7. Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
    8. Egyptian Liver Journal
    9. Egyptian Pediatric Association Gazette
    10. Egyptian Rheumatology and Rehabilitation
    11. EJNMMI Physics
    12. EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry
    13. EJNMMI Research
    14. Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training
    15. Energy Informatics
    16. Energy Transitions
    17. Environmental Sciences Europe
    18. Environmental Systems Research
    19. EPJ Data Science
    20. EPJ Quantum Technology
    21. EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation
    22. EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
    23. EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing
    24. EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing
    25. EURASIP Journal on Information Security
    26. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
    27. European Journal of Futures Research
    28. European Journal of Hybrid Imaging
    29. European Radiology Experimental
    30. European Transport Research Review
    31. Evidence-Based Endodontics
  6. F

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    1. Fashion and Textiles
    2. Financial Innovation
    3. Fire Ecology
    4. Fixed Point Theory and Applications
    5. Forest Ecosystems
    6. Friction
    7. Frontiers of Business Research in China
    8. Functional Composite Materials
    9. Functional Linguistics
    10. Future Business Journal
    11. Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  7. G

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    1. Genus
    2. Geoenvironmental Disasters
    3. Geoscience Letters
    4. Geothermal Energy
    5. Gynecological Surgery
  8. H

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    1. Heritage Science
    2. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences
  9. I

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    1. Insights into Imaging
    2. Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
    3. Intereconomics
    4. International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology
    5. International Journal of Bipolar Disorders
    6. International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy
    7. International Journal of Coal Science & Technology
    8. International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
    9. International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility
    10. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
    11. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
    12. International Journal of Geo-Engineering
    13. International Journal of Implant Dentistry
    14. International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    15. International Journal of Quality Innovation
    16. International Journal of STEM Education
    17. IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications
    18. IZA Journal of Development and Migration
    19. IZA Journal of Labor Economics
    20. IZA Journal of Labor Policy
  10. J

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    1. JA Clinical Reports
    2. Journal for Labour Market Research
    3. Journal of Advanced Ceramics
    4. Journal of Analytical Science and Technology
    5. Journal of Big Data
    6. Journal of Cloud Computing
    7. Journal of Economic Structures
    8. Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology
    9. Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics
    10. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
    11. Journal of Inequalities and Applications
    12. Journal of Infrastructure Preservation and Resilience
    13. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    14. Journal of International Humanitarian Action
    15. Journal of Internet Services and Applications
    16. Journal of Leather Science and Engineering
    17. Journal of Mathematics in Industry
    18. Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy
    19. Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection
    20. Journal of Organization Design
    21. Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
    22. Journal of Palaeogeography
    23. Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes
    24. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology
    25. Journal of Shipping and Trade
    26. Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications
    27. Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society
    28. Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society
    29. Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute
    30. Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association
    31. Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications
    32. Journal of Wood Science
  11. L

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    1. Language Testing in Asia
    2. Large-scale Assessments in Education
  12. M

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    1. Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy
    2. Materials Theory
    3. Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    4. Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes
    5. Micro and Nano Systems Letters
    6. Middle East Current Psychiatry
    7. Middle East Fertility Society Journal
    8. Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics
  13. N

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    1. Nano Convergence
    2. Nano-Micro Letters
    3. Nanoscale Research Letters
    4. Natural Products and Bioprospecting
  14. O

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    1. Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards
  15. P

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    1. Pastoralism
    2. Petroleum Science
    3. Photonic Sensors
    4. PhotoniX
    5. Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk
    6. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    7. Progress in Orthodontics
    8. Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
    9. Protein & Cell
    10. Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
  16. R

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    1. Railway Engineering Science
    2. Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar
    3. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
    4. Rice
    5. ROBOMECH Journal
  17. S

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    1. Satellite Navigation
    2. SERIEs
    3. Smart Learning Environments
    4. Smart Water
    5. Sports Medicine - Open
    6. Strategies in Trauma and Limb Reconstruction
    7. Surgical Case Reports
    8. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
    9. Swiss Journal of Geosciences
    10. Swiss Journal of Palaeontology
  18. T

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    1. The Cardiothoracic Surgeon
    2. The Egyptian Heart Journal
    3. The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology
    4. The Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine
    5. The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
    6. The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology
    7. The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology
    8. The Journal of Chinese Sociology
    9. The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience
    10. The Ultrasound Journal
  19. U

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    1. Urban Rail Transit
  20. V

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    1. Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art
    2. Visualization in Engineering
  21. W

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    1. Wirtschaftsdienst