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Join us at the American Chemistry Society meeting this Fall

chemistry_acs fall

Visit booth 400 and learn about our open access research 

Between August 20-22, we will be at the 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, held at Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Victoria Millen and Samuel Winthrop from our publishing team will be in booth 400, on hand, to answer your questions about open access and our journals.

We'd love to meet you - see you there!

We are pleased to showcase:

Journal of Cheminformatics

The journal is calling for submissions to a new article collection, guest edited by Ola Spjuth. Find out more about "Novel applications of machine learning in cheminformatics" below.

Bioresources and Bioprocessing

Recently accepted in Scopus!

Supporting sustainable approaches to bioresource development, process and utilization.

Chemistry Central Journal

This journal covers peer-reviewed open-access articles in all areas of chemistry.

Fashion and Textiles

An international highly diverse platform, covering natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and the arts. 

International Journal of Food Contamination

Publishes baseline, monitoring data, indicating the qualitative and quantitative presence of microbiological and chemical contaminants in foods, animal feed, and their raw materials.

Journal of Analytical Science and Technology

The official journal of the Korea Basic Science Institute.

Recap on the most accessed articles

Chemistry in Second Life
Andrew SID Lang and Jean-Claude Bradley

TiO2-graphene oxide nanocomposite as advanced photocatalytic materials
Stephen J Crozier, Amy G Preston, Jeffrey W Hurst, Mark J Payne, Julie Mann, Larry Hainly and Debra L Miller

Avogadro: an advanced semantic chemical editor, visualization, and analysis platform
Marcus D Hanwell, Donald E Curtis, David C Lonie, Tim Vandermeersch, Eva Zurek and Geoffrey R Hutchison

Cross-validation pitfalls when selecting and assessing regression and classification models
Damjan Krstajic, Ljubomir J Buturovic, David E Leahy and Simon Thomas

Leaf extract mediated green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from widely available Indian plants: synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial property and toxicity analysis
Priya Banerjee, Mantosh Satapathy, Aniruddha Mukhopahayay and Papita Das

Characterization, dissolution and solubility of synthetic cadmium hydroxylapatite [Cd5(PO4)3OH] at 25–45°C
Yinian Zhu, Zongqiang Zhu, Xin Zhao, Yanpeng Liang, Liuqin Dai and Yanhua Huang

Antimicrobial activities of silver nanoparticles synthesized from Lycopersicon esculentum extract
Swarnali Maiti, Deepak Krishnan, Gadadhar Barman, Sudip Kumar Ghosh and Jayasree Konar Laha

Check out the most talked about articles

Open access and open source in chemistry
Matthew H Todd

Cacao seeds are a "Super Fruit": A comparative analysis of various fruit powders and products
Stephen J Crozier, Amy G Preston, Jeffrey W Hurst, Mark J Payne, Julie Mann, Larry Hainly and Debra L Miller

Openness as infrastructure
John Wilbanks

Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards in chemistry: The Blue Obelisk five years on
Noel M O'Boyle et al.

Programmatic conversion of crystal structures into 3D printable files using Jmol
Vincent F. Scalfani

Degradation study of lindane by novel strains Kocuria sp. DAB-1Y and Staphylococcus sp. DAB-1W
Dharmender Kumar, Abhijit Kumar and Jyoti Sharma

Mineral precipitation-induced porosity reduction and its effect on transport parameters in diffusion-controlled porous media
Aurélie Chagneau, Francis Claret, Frieder Enzmann, Michael Kersten, Stephanie Heck, Benoît Madé and Thorsten Schäfer

New from our Chemistry journals

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