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Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control in Future Smart Grid

Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control in Future Smart Gridby Vladimir Terzija and Yutian Liu

The complexity of modern electrical power systems is steadily increasing. This is inspiring researchers and developers to propose new solutions capable to address a number of challenges, particularly those related to power system operation. A massive penetration of asynchronously connected renewable energy generation, the generation connected over inverters, is significantly changing the dynamics of modern power systems. On the one hand, the power system response time is becoming shorter and at the same time, the fault level is becoming smaller. This is significantly affecting requirements of control loops, as well as power system protection. Utilization of modern sensor and communication technology looks to be the critical technological enabler for addressing the mentioned challenges.

In this context, development of Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control (WAMPAC) systems, based on Synchronized Measurement Technology represented by Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), looks to be a part of the solution. A Special Issue on "Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control in Future Smart Grid" published in the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy is focused on those solutions, which will contribute to a more reliable, economical and secure operation of future smart grids.

We were privileged to have Prof A Phadke, who wrote a paper on improving the performance of power system protection using Wide Area Monitoring Systems. As it is known, Prof Phadke is considered to be the inventor of PMUs. This paper is discussing new opportunities for improving principles of power system protection using PMUs. And other remarkable research performance can be found on SpringerLink.

We believe that this Special Issue will motivate new research on the topics related to WAMPAC and by this contribute to the prosperity of modern societies, which as such definitely relies on the reliability and security of smart grid, which are considered to be one of the most important critical infrastructures created by mankind ever.

Prof Vladimir TERZIJAVladimir Terzija, Prof

EPSRC Chair Professor in Power System Engineering

The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Prof Yutian LIU

Yutian Liu, Prof

Shandong University, Jinan, China