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Open access journals in Criminology, Criminal Justice & Law

Crime Science - SpringerOpenCrime Science

Editor-in-Chief: Gloria Laycock

The journal's main focus is on research articles and systematic reviews that reflect the growing cooperation among a variety of fields, including environmental criminology, economics, engineering, geography, public health, psychology, statistics and urban planning, on improving the detection, prevention and understanding of crime and disorder. More about the journal | Read all articlesSubmit here

New Content ItemHealth & Justice

Editors-in-Chief: Faye S. Taxman, Lior Gideon

The journal presents original experimental research on the area of health and well-being of people involved in the adult or juvenile justice system, including people who work in it. Through meta-analyses and systematic reviews about topics at the intersection of public health and criminal justice, the journal fills a gap in the literature presenting protocols and clinical practice guidelines and encouraging translational science, exploring possible ways of introducing innovations in the justice system. More about the journal | Read all articlesSubmit here

New Content ItemJournal of International Humanitarian Action

Editor-in-Chief: Hans-Joachim Heintze

The journal provides a forum for practitioners, policy-makers and academics to highlight contemporary challenges, to critically reflect upon current practices, and to ultimately advance the field of humanitarian action. ​​​​​​​More about the journal | Read all articlesSubmit here