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Our physics journals cover areas of physics from high energy physics; atoms, plasmas, and particles; to optics and photonics; and computational cosmology and astrophysics. Toward the more applied side of physics, you’ll find our nanoscience journals, and journals that, while grounded in physics, take a multidisciplinary, “convergence” approach to large problems. 

CERN sponsoring APCs for methods articles in EPJ TECHNIQUES AND INSTRUMENTATION

New Content ItemEarlier this year, CERN expanded its open access mandate to the researchers it funds to include methods articles. As a result, CERN will sponsor article-processing charges for CERN-funded researchers’ methods articles in EPJ Techniques & Instrumentation.

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Selected articles

New Content ItemComplementarity in single photon interferencethe role of the mode function and vacuum fields

Here the spatial coherence properties of these vacuum fields are demonstrated as the physical reason for complementarity in these single photon quantum optical experiments. These results are directly connected to the mode picture in classical optics...

R. Menzel, D. Puhlmann, and A. Heuer

Journal of the European Optical SocietyRapid Publications​​​​​​​

New Content ItemEntropy-limited hydrodynamics: a novel approach to relativistic hydrodynamics

We present entropy-limited hydrodynamics (ELH): a new approach for the computation of numerical fluxes arising in the discretization of hyperbolic equations in conservation form.

Federico Guercilena, David Radice, ane Luciano Rezzolla

Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

New Content ItemThe weakness of weak ties for novel information diffusion

...I argue that weak ties, especially the kind that span subgroups, are often also lower-capacity. Due to a lack of trust, an unwillingness to share benefits, or a limited ability to understand one another, an individual is less likely to share novel information across these ties...

Jennifer M. Larson

Applied Network Science

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New Content ItemSpace applications of quantum technology

JournalEPJ Quantum Technology
Lead Guest Editor: Dr. Rainer Kaltenbaek, Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology
New Content Item​​​​​​Novel plasma diagnostics

JournalEPJ Techniques and Instrumentation
Lead Guest Editor: Dr. Thomas Trottenberg, ​​​​​​​Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, AG PlasmaPhysik / PlasmaTechnologie

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New Content ItemKrasten Blagoev

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Convergence

Open access allows worldwide communication between researchers and the public and I believe is part of the democratization of science.

​​​​​​​New Content ItemFred J. Currell and Stephen Curley

Editors-in-Chief of Cancer Nanotechnology


We are convinced that through nanotechnology-based investigations involving basic underpinning principles from physics and chemistry we have an opportunity to enhance our understanding of malignant diseases.

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