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Contact Mechanics and Engineering Applications

Fixed Point Theory and Algorithms for Sciences and Engineering welcomes submissions to the Topical Collection on “Contact Mechanics and Engineering Applications” edited by Mircea Sofonea (University of Perpignan, France) and Weimin Han (University of Iowa, USA), which covers a wide variety of topics concerning modeling, analysis, numerical solution and applications of nonlinear problems in contact mechanics and engineering, in which fixed point formulations and arguments play an important role.

These include (but are not limited to) 
- fixed point problems
- nonlinear operators and operator equations
- variational and hemivariational inequalities
- abstract inclusions
- sweeping processes
- nonlinear boundary value problems
- optimal control problems
- real world applications in
                    - industry,
                    - mechanics of materials,
                    - electronics,
and other areas.

Click the link below to download the PDF with all information on one page:

TC Contact Mechanics and Engineering Applications

There are currently no articles in this collection.