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Data-Based Engineering and Computations

Engineering is evolving in the same way as society. Nowadays, data is earning a prominence never imagined before. In the past, in the domain of materials, processes and structures, testing machines allowed the extraction of data, which served in turn to calibrate state-of-the- art computational models. 

Some calibration procedures were even integrated within testing machines. Thus, once the model was calibrated, computer simulation took place. However, data can offer much more than a simple state-of-the-art model calibration, and not only from its simple statistical analysis, but from the modeling and simulation viewpoints. 

This gives rise to the family of so-called digital twins, also known as virtual and hybrid twins. Moreover, not only data can serve to enrich physically-based models. These could allow us to perform a tremendous leap forward, by replacing big-data-based habits by the incipient smart-data paradigm. 

In this collection, we will cover recent advances in the field, with a particular emphasis on grey-box approaches, i.e., those in which the laws of physics are included in the approach.

  1. The multiscale method called Pseudo-Direct Numerical Simulation (P-DNS) is presented as a Reduced Order Model (ROM) aiming to solve problems obtaining similar accuracy to a solution with many degrees of freedo...

    Authors: Sergio R. Idelsohn, Juan M. Gimenez and Norberto M. Nigro
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2022 9:22
  2. Simulation-based engineering has been a major protagonist of the technology of the last century. However, models based on well established physics fail sometimes to describe the observed reality. They often ex...

    Authors: Francisco Chinesta and Elias Cueto
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2022 9:21
  3. A nonparametric method assessing the error and variability margins in solutions depicted in a separated form using experimental results is illustrated in this work. The method assess the total variability of t...

    Authors: Chady Ghnatios and Anais Barasinski
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2021 8:20