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Structural Health Monitoring and Performance Evaluation for Bridges

  1. In bridge structural health monitoring, the response of the bridge while the vehicle is on the bridge, is called a vehicle-bridge interaction (VBI) response. If the vehicle and the bridge are dynamically coupl...

    Authors: Neda Mostafa, Dario Di Maio, Richard Loendersloot and Tiedo Tinga
    Citation: Advances in Bridge Engineering 2023 4:22
  2. In order to identify damage of Chi River bridge’s superstructure, a damage identification indicator is implemented in the field test, which involves the wavelet packet energy analysis with the feature of dynam...

    Authors: Zhuoxi Liang, Zhihua Xiong, Tuotuo Cong, Jingxuan Peng and Gengwang Yan
    Citation: Advances in Bridge Engineering 2023 4:21
  3. The city development is closely related to the performance of the transportation network system. Bridges and roads are important parts of the transportation system, and are also inseparable components of the t...

    Authors: Qinghua Xiao, Hongwei Huang and Chao Tang
    Citation: Advances in Bridge Engineering 2023 4:18
  4. In order to clarify the risk of demolition construction of large-span continuous rigid structure bridge and put forward an intelligent safety assessment method to ensure the safety of demolition construction o...

    Authors: Qiusheng Wang, Jianping Xian, Jun Xiao and Xing Wang
    Citation: Advances in Bridge Engineering 2023 4:9
  5. Scour is the gradual erosion of the sediment around a bridge foundation and is one of the leading causes of bridge failure. This erosion is caused by turbulence and sediment transport mechanisms and worsens du...

    Authors: Alan Kazemian, Tien Yee, Metin Oguzmert, Mahyar Amirgholy, Jidong Yang and Dale Goff
    Citation: Advances in Bridge Engineering 2023 4:2