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Human-Centered AI

AI technologies are defining our everyday lives in ways which few other technologies have been done before. In more and more contexts, these AI technologies directly interact with humans in various ways, from self-driving cars to surveillance systems to medical diagnosis systems and human-robot teams. It is apparent from these impacts already observed that Human-centered AI can potentially have a lot of positive but also negative social impacts.

The editorial team of AI Perspectives believes it is crucial to collect positions on the current technological developments, best practice examples and to foster discussion on what the perspectives of human-centered AI might offer. Below is our collection of quality research works towards this end.

  1. Robotics has a special place in AI as robots are connected to the real world and robots increasingly appear in humans everyday environment, from home to industry. Apart from cases were robots are expected to c...

    Authors: Stephane Doncieux, Raja Chatila, Sirko Straube and Frank Kirchner
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2022 4:1