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Our open access journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering cover topics such as power systems, smart grids, photovoltaics, signal processing, or nano- and microelectronics - to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

Featured Open Access Journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Special on Smart Grid Research

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Take a look at our open access journals covering Smart Grids, read what our authors and editors say on the topic, and browse selected research.

Smart Grid - SpringerOpen © unique3d / stock.adobe.comFeatured open access journals covering Smart Grids

Explore our two power systems journals, Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems and the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy​​​​​​​. Why not submit your own Smart or Power Grid research to these journals?

Smart Grid - SpringerOpen © unique3d / stock.adobe.comExclusive series of Smart Grid commentaries

Read selected commentaries on a broad variety of aspects related to Smart Grid, written by our authors and editors.

Smart Grid - SpringerOpen © unique3d / stock.adobe.comMore Smart Grid research articles

Being a multifaceted topic, research related to Smart Grids is published in a broad range of our open access journals. Find a selection of Smart Grid articles below - all articles are free to read and share.

New Content ItemComparison of smart grid architectures for monitoring and analyzing power grid data via Modbus and REST

Smart grid, smart metering, electromobility, and the regulation of the power network are keywords of the transition in energy politics. In the future, the power grid will be smart. Based on different works, this article presents a data collection,...

Susanne Kenner, Raphael Thaler, Markus Kucera, Klaus Volbert and Thomas Waas

Battery aging-aware energy management of green small cells powered by the smart grid

Mobile operators are deploying energy-harvesting heterogeneous networks due to their foreseen advantages such as self-sustainable capability and reduced operating expenditure, which cannot be offered by conventional grid powered communications...

Mouhcine Mendil, Antonio De Domenico, Vincent Heiries, Raphael Caire and Nouredine Hadjsaid

Smart design rules for smart grids: analysing local smart grid development through an empirico-legal institutional lens

This article entails an innovative approach to smart grid technology implementation, as it connects governance research with legal analysis. We apply the empirico-legal ‘ILTIAD framework’, which combines Elinor Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework...

Imke Lammers and Michiel A. Heldeweg

Big Data management in smart grid: concepts, requirements and implementation

A smart grid is an intelligent electricity grid that optimizes the generation, distribution and consumption of electricity through the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies on the electricity grid...

Houda Daki, Asmaa El Hannani, Abdelhak Aqqal, Abdelfattah Haidine and Aziz Dahbi

Recent advances of the signal processing techniques in future smart grids

Smart grid is an emerging research field of the current decade. The distinguished features of the smart grid are monitoring capability with data integration, advanced analysis to support system control, enhanced power security and effective communication to meet the power demand...

Zahoor Uddin, Ayaz Ahmad, Aamir Qamar and Muhammad Altaf

EURASIP Journal on Information Security - SpringerOpenMulti-resolution privacy-enhancing technologies for smart metering

The availability of individual load profiles per household in the smart grid end-user domain combined with non-intrusive load monitoring to infer personal data from these load curves has led to privacy concerns. 

Fabian Knirsch, Günther Eibl and Dominik Engel

Dynamic power allocation for a multiuser transmitter with hybrid energy sources

In this paper, we investigate the problem of dynamic power allocation for a multiuser transmitter supplied by hybrid energy sources in details. Specifically, we focus on the hybrid energy sources which include both the traditional power grid...

Didi Liu, Jiming Lin, Junyi Wang and Frank Jiang

Smart Grid - SpringerOpen © unique3d /

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Forecasting in Modern Power Systems

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