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Our open access journals in Electrical Engineering cover topics such as power systems, smart grids, photovoltaics, signal processing, or nano- and microelectronics - to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Article Collection Highlights

Forecasting in Modern Power Systems

Guest Editors-in-Chief:  

Tao Hong and Wei-Jen Lee

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Article Highlights

Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Gas Sensing

Looking toward world technology trends over the next few decades, self-powered sensing networks are a key field of technological and economic driver for global industries. Since 2006, Zhong Lin Wang’s group has proposed a novel concept of nanogenerators (NGs), including piezoelectric nanogenerator and triboelectric nanogenerator, which could convert a mechanical trigger into...

Zhen Wen, Qingqing Shen and Xuhui Su

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Soil resistivity and ground resistance for dry and wet soil 

In this paper, soil resistivity and ground resistance at two different sites near an electrical substation are measured using a grounding system grid with and without rods. With the Wenner four-pole equal-method, the soil resistivity is measured at both selected sites, one of which contains wet soil while the other contains dry soil... 

Md. Abdus Salam, Quazi Mehbubar Rahman, Swee Peng Ang and Fushuan Wen

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RF power harvesting: a review on designing methodologies and applications 

Wireless power transmission was conceptualized nearly a century ago. Certain achievements made to date have made power harvesting a reality, capable of providing alternative sources of energy. This review provides a summ ary of radio frequency (RF) power harvesting technologies in order to serve as a guide for the design of RF energy harvesting units... 

Le-Giang Tran, Hyouk-Kyu Cha and Woo-Tae Park

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Droop control method for load share and voltage regulation in high-voltage microgrids 

When the line impedance is considered in the microgrid, the accuracy of load sharing will decrease. In this paper, the impact of line impedance on the accuracy of load sharing is analyzed. A robust droop control for a high-voltage microgrid is proposed based on the signal detection on the high-voltage side of the coupling transformer... 

Zhikang Shuai, Shanglin Mo, Jun Wangz, John Shen, Wei Tian and Yan Feng

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From demand response to transactive energy: state of the art 

This paper reviews the state of the art of research and industry practice on demand response and the new methodology of transactive energy. Demand response programs incentivize consumers to align their demand with power supply conditions, enhancing power system reliability and economic operation... 

Sijie Chen and Chen-Ching Liu

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Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems - SpringerOpen​​​​​​​Developments of power system protection and control

Synchronized wide area communication has become a mature technology, which makes the real-time interaction between the substations and the wide area protection and control system possible. However, the present protection and control system to handle this real-time data has been recognized to be deficient... 

Z. Q. Bo,  X. N. Lin, Q. P. Wang, Y. H. Yi and F. Q. Zhou

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