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Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

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Our open access Journals in Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics cover topics such as Modelling and Simulation, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Friction, Mechanics of Advanced Materials, and Visualization in Engineering, to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

Hot Topics in Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics


New Content ItemDelamination fracture analysis of an elastic-plastic functionally graded multilayered beam

A theoretical study was performed of mode II delamination in a multilayered functionally graded beam configuration with considering the material non-linearity...

V. Rizov

International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

New Content ItemModelling plastic deformation in a single-crystal nickel-based superalloy using discrete dislocation dynamics 

In this paper, plastic deformation in a single-crystal nickel-based superalloy CMSX4 at elevated temperature was modelled using discrete dislocation dynamics (DDD). The DDD approach was implemented using a... 

B. Lin, M. S. Huang, F. Farukh, A. Roy, V. V. Silberschmidt and L. G. Zhao

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes

New Content ItemDetermination of Double-K Fracture Parameters of Concrete Using Split-Tension Cube: A Revised Procedure

This paper presents a revised procedure for computation of double-K fracture parameters of concrete split-tension cube specimen using weight function of the centrally cracked plate of finite strip with a finite...

Shashi Ranjan Pandey, Shailendra Kumar and A. K. L. Srivastava

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials

New Content ItemStatic fracture and modal analysis simulation of a gas turbine compressor blade and bladed disk system

This paper presents a methodology for conducting a 3-D static fracture analysis with applications to a gas turbine compressor blade. An open crack model is considered in the study and crack-tip driving...

Ralston Fernandes, Sami El-Borgi, Khaled Ahmed, Michael I. Friswell and Nidhal Jamia

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

New Content ItemStrain and stress conditions at crack initiation during shearing of medium- and high-strength steel sheet

Strain and stress conditions in sheet metal shearing are of interest for calibration of various fracture criteria. Most fracture criteria are governed by effective strain and stress triaxiality...

E. Gustafsson, S. Marth, L. Karlsson and M. Oldenburg

International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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New Content Item In-situ tool wear monitoring and its effects on the performance of porcine cortical bone drilling: a comparative in-vitro investigation

Drilling is one of the most widely used process in orthopaedic surgical operation and the same drill bit is used a number of times in hospitals. Using the same drill bit a several times may be the cause of... 

Vishal Gupta and Pulak M. Pandey

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes

New Content ItemParametric optimization of corrosion and wear of electroless Ni-P-Cu coating using grey relational coefficient coupled with weighted principal component analysis

This research article considers optimization of the four process parameters based on corrosion and wear of electroless Ni-P-Cu coatings. The major characteristics indexes for performance selected to evaluate...

Supriyo Roy and Prasanta Sahoo

International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

New Content ItemSurface roughness characteristics effects on fluid load capability of tilt pad thrust bearings with water lubrication

The effects of surface roughness characteristics on the fluid load capacity of tilt pad thrust bearings with water lubrication were studied by the average flow model. The flow factors utilized in the average... 

Yuechang Wang, Ying Liu, Zhanchao Wang, Yuming Wang


New Content ItemTribological response of an epoxy matrix filled with graphite and/or carbon nanotubes

Reinforced polymer–matrix composites are widely used under sliding contact conditions in various boating and automotive applications. In this paper, the friction and wear of bulk epoxy and carbon filler...

M. M. Sakka, Z. Antar, K. Elleuch, J. F. Feller


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Model order reduction

New Content ItemIsogeometric analysis-based reduced order modelling for incompressible linear viscous flows in parametrized shapes

In this work we provide a combination of isogeometric analysis with reduced order modelling techniques, based on proper orthogonal decomposition, to guarantee computational reduction for the numerical model...

Filippo Salmoiraghi, Francesco Ballarin, Luca Heltai and Gianluigi Rozza

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

New Content ItemTransient simulation of an electrical rotating machine achieved through model order reduction

Model order reduction (MOR) methods are more and more applied on many different fields of physics in order to reduce the number of unknowns and thus the computational time of large-scale systems. However...

Laurent Montier, Thomas Henneron, Stéphane Clénet and Benjamin Goursaud

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

New Content ItemDynamic data-driven model reduction: adapting reduced models from incomplete data

This work presents a data-driven online adaptive model reduction approach for systems that undergo dynamic changes. Classical model reduction constructs a reduced model of a large-scale system in an offline phase...

Benjamin Peherstorfer and Karen Willcox

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

New Content ItemGeneral treatment of essential boundary conditions in reduced order models for non-linear problems

Inhomogeneous essential boundary conditions must be carefully treated in the formulation of Reduced Order Models (ROMs) for non-linear problems. In order to investigate this issue, two methods are analysed...

Alejandro Cosimo, Alberto Cardona and Sergio Idelsohn

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

New Content ItemPEBL-ROM: Projection-error based local reduced-order models

Projection-based model order reduction (MOR) using local subspaces is becoming an increasingly important topic in the context of the fast simulation of complex nonlinear models. Most approaches rely on...

David Amsallem and Bernard Haasdonk

Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

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Thin film lubrication

New Content ItemThin film lubrication in the past 20 years

Thin film lubrication (TFL), a lubrication regime that fills the gap between boundary lubrication (BL) and elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) regimes, was proposed 20 years ago. Since it was first recorded...

Liran Ma, Jianbin Luo


New Content ItemOptical analysis of ball-on-ring mode test rig for oil film thickness measurement

There are few experimental results available on film thickness at speeds above 5 m/s and they are almost all based on the optical ball-on-disc test rig. In contrast to the contacts in a rolling bearing, in...

Yaoguang Zhang, Wenzhong Wang, Shengguang Zhang, Ziqiang Zhao

New Content Item © AuthorsLubricant flow in thin-film elastohydrodynamic contact under extreme conditions

To further extend knowledge about fluid film friction in elastohydrodynamic contact, it is important to examine how lubricant flows. In this paper, several film thickness results obtained by interferometry...

P. Sperka, I. Krupka, M. Hartl


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