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Our open access Journals in Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics cover topics such as Modelling and Simulation, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Friction, Mechanics of Advanced Materials, and Visualization in Engineering, to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

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Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Article Collection Highlights

Recent Developments in Mechanics of Advanced Materials

Published in Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Article Highlights

Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Mechanical Performance, Durability, Sustainability and Implementation Challenges 

In this study, an extensive literature review has been conducted on the material characterization of UHPC and its potential for large-scale field applicability. The successful production of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) depends on its material ingredients and mixture proportioning,...

S. Abbas, M. L. Nehdi and M. A. Saleem

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Robotic arc welding sensors and programming in industrial applications 

Technical innovations in robotic welding and greater availability of sensor-based control features have enabled manual welding processes in harsh work environments with excessive heat and fumes to be replaced with robotic welding. The use of industrial robots or mechanized equipment for high-volume productivity has become increasingly common,...

P Kah, M Shrestha, E Hiltunen and J Martikainen

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Investigation of weld defects in friction-stir welding and fusion welding of aluminium alloys

Transportation industries are obliged to address concerns arising from greater emphasis on energy saving and ecologically sustainable products. Engineers, therefore, have a responsibility to deliver innovative solutions that will support environmental preservation and yet meet industries’ requirements for greater productivity and minimised operational costs...

Paul Kah, Richard Rajan, Jukka Martikainen and Raimo Suoranta

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Overview of automotive engine friction and reduction trends–Effects of surface, material, and lubricant-additive technologies

The increasing global environmental awareness, evidenced by recent worldwide calls for control of climate change and greenhouse emissions, has placed significant new technical mandates for automotives to improve engine efficiency,...

Victor W. Wong and Simon C. Tung

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​​​​​​​Effect of Elevated Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Limestone, Quartzite and Granite Concrete

Although concrete is a noncombustible material, high temperatures such as those experienced during a fire have a negative effect on the mechanical properties. This paper studies the effect of elevated temperatures on the mechanical properties of limestone, quartzite and granite concrete... 

Muhammad Tufail, Khan Shahzada, Bora Gencturk and Jianqiang Wei

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Currently, Mechanics of Materials goes through a period of revival thanks to 3 main factors. 

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