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Medical Imaging

Welcome to our Medical Imaging page, which highlights some of our featured content and latest developments from our radiology portfolio.

Stay up to date about article collections, editor’s highlights and upcoming events and read our latest research!

Featured Journals

New Content ItemEuropean Radiology Experimental is a fully open access official journal of the European Society of Radiology. Its mission is to adhere to the multidisciplinary paradigm of the 21st century, fostering a strong connection between radiology in the experimental setting and basic science. The goal of the journal is to provide a forum open not only to radiologists, nuclear physicians, or radiation therapists but also to other professionals working in medical imaging. Read more

European Radiology Experimental is now indexed in PubMed Central, all articles can be viewed here.​​​​​​​

New Content ItemInsights into Imaging is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. The journal continuously updates scientific knowledge and progress in best-practice standards in radiology through the publication of original articles and state-of-the-art reviews and opinions. Founded by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), Insights into Imaging creates a platform for educational material, guidelines and recommendations, and a forum for topics of controversy, with all content published in the journal freely available online. Read more​​​​​​​

Radiology trainees forum survey report on workplace satisfaction, ESR education, mobility and stress level

New Content ItemCVIR Endovascular is a multidisciplinary open access journal of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe and the first open peer review journal in the field of endovascular interventions. The journal is intended for all specialists working in the field of endovascular treatment. CVIR Endovascular publishes articles in the area of venous and arterial interventions including vascular malformations, non-oncological embolization, peripheral vascular interventions, aortic interventions, emergency medicine and carotid interventions. Read more

Much has been accomplished in the first year of the journal, including the numerous publications and the expansion of the Editorial Board. We look forward to your future contributions to the journal, either as an author or reviewer. Enjoy reading the recently published articles we have selected for you:

Balloon-assisted coil embolization (BACE) of a wide-necked renal artery aneurysm using the intracranial scepter C compliant occlusion balloon catheter

Are complication rates lower with 4-Fr versus 6-Fr transfemoral arterial access – prospective audit at a single interventional radiology centre

Clinical and endovascular practice in interventional radiology: a contemporary European analysis

European Journal of Hybrid ImagingThe European Journal of Hybrid Imaging is pleased to announce that Prof Dr Francesco Giammarile is the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal, effective 1st January 2019. Read more

"The EJHI is a new Open Access journal, a member of the EJNMMI family, dedicated to the use of hybrid and multimodality imaging in clinical practice, clinical trials and pre-clinical research. With recent technological advances, this is a particularly exciting time for our field. For my part, I'm ready to do my best, with the support of all our authors, reviewers and editorial board members, for the continued success of our journal in the years to come".
Francesco Giammarile, International Atomic Energy Agency

European Journal of Hybrid Imaging: the journey continues​​​​​​​

The Ultrasound JournalRecently renamed from "Critical Ultrasound Journal," The Ultrasound Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal and official publication of WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network Focused on Critical UltraSound), the world’s leading scientific organization committed to developing point-of-care ultrasound practice.

The Ultrasound Journal is an international, peer-reviewed journal designed for clinicians using point-of-care ultrasound in any environment or setting. By reaching audiences around the world, it plays a key role in bringing ultrasound to the patient’s bedside, where this technique can make the greatest difference. Read more

Diagnostic performance of abdominal point of care ultrasound performed by an emergency physician in acute right iliac fossa pain

Common pitfalls in point-of-care ultrasound: a practical guide for emergency and critical care physicians

The Ultrasound Journal

The Ultrasound JournalWe are excited to announce a name change for Critical Ultrasound Journal, the official journal of WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network Focused on Critical UltraSound). The new title is The Ultrasound Journal, which better reflects the expanding scope of ultrasound in medicine and the inclusive nature of WINFOCUS and the journal. To find out more about the reasons for the change, please see our recent blog post.

Insights into Imaging has a new website

Insights into Imaging, an established educational resource in radiology has a new updated and refreshed website, showcasing latest articles, news and features, and detailed information about the journal. Visit the website to learn more about the journal, and read original articles, state of the art reviews, opinions as well as recommendations and statements from leading radiological societies in Europe.

Early career research in 3D Printing in Medicine

3D Printing in MedicineA thematic series published in 3D Printing in Medicine.

Recently, the field of 3D printing has seen exciting advancements and innovative research that impacts medicine. Sponsored by Stratasys, this collection of articles aims to highlight original research by students and trainees who are actively engaged in 3D printing science. Explore the published articles below and read more.

3D printing of surgical hernia meshes impregnated with contrast agents: in vitro proof of concept with imaging characteristics on computed tomography

High-throughput scaffold-free microtissues through 3D printing

Read Our Featured Thematic Series

Imaging and dosimetry for radionuclide-based therapy

Molecular StructureEJNMMI Physics welcomes submissions on imaging and dosimetry for radionuclide-based therapy. Radionuclide therapy and molecular radiotherapy are established modalities for treatment of certain cancer types. For this collection, we invite contributions on different aspects of imaging and dosimetry of radionuclides for therapeutic use. Find out more.

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