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Author & reviewer tutorials

Welcome to the Springer Author & Reviewer tutorials, a guide from Springer on writing and publishing a scientific manuscript.

Every time you write an article, there are usually many factors motivating you to get it published. Graduation, perhaps? A new job? Career advancement? In our opinion, the most important reason why anyone becomes a scientist is to help people understand more about the nature of the universe.

Scientists publish their works to support or justify their findings, which in turn helps people better understand the universe. Therefore, by publishing your work, you are directly benefiting both the scientific community and the world around you.

We know researchers have myriad ideas in their head but often don’t know how to put them down in words. In order to support you and make the road to publication a bit smoother, the Author tutorials offer advice and information on:

  • How to write a manuscript
  • Submission procedures and publication ethics
  • Peer review and what it means to an author
  • Open access publishing
  • Publishing in English

Before publishing your article, you can complete the interactive tutorials we offer by clicking on the links below.