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Earth Week 2017

Climate change, sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of the issues facing modern society. Solutions to these issues can only be found through continued, cross-disciplinary, connected research. SpringerOpen and BioMed Central publish a wide range of research in environmental science across several publications. The open access nature of these publications ensures the maximum shareability of information between researchers, policy-makers and the community. Earth Week 2017, inspired by the annual Earth Day, showcases some of the most recent and significant contributions to environmental science in SpringerOpen and BioMed Central.

To celebrate the Earth Day (22 April), we dedicate the last day of the Earth Week 2017 to the official theme of the day – Environmental & Climate Literacy.

Read our handpicked articles

We have selected some articles about Environmental & Climate Literacy for you. ​

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Everything you need to know about Environmental Science

We have invited some of our Editors-in-Chief to share their thoughts on the progress of research in Environmental & Climate Literacy.

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How well do you know Environmental Science?