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What is the SpringerOpen & BioMed Central API?
Our public API is a RESTful API for retrieving Open Access content published by SpringerOpen and BioMed Central. Resources are represented in JSON and Prism Aggregate (PAM) formats.

How do I request a SpringerOpen & BioMed Central API key?

You can request a free API key from the Springer developer site.

Are there any examples of metadata responses from the SpringerOpen & BioMed Central API?

Example metadata responses are given in the API documentation on the Springer developer site.

How do I use the API RESTful Operations?

Further information on using our RESTful API is available on the Springer developer site.

What is the recommended usage of the SpringerOpen & BioMed Central API?
Our content is licensed using a Creative Commons license (CC-By 4.0) and for some journals a waiver (CC0 for data). Use of SpringerOpen and BioMed Central content harvested via the API is covered by our Copyright and License Agreement.