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Open Repository

What is Open Repository?

Open Repository is a hosted repository platform from BioMed Central that builds and maintains customized DSpace repositories on behalf of organizations including; universities, research bodies, non-governmental organizations, charities and enterprises. With Open Repository, you can easily upload, manage, preserve and disseminate your organization’s content and curate articles, images, video, research data and metadata.

Open Repository is a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider and a partner of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR).


Open Repository and Open Access

With Open Repository, you will be making your content available online with unlimited use and reuse by an unrestricted global audience.

The benefits of making your organization’s output open access are:

  • Preserved digital materials for use by current and future generations
  • Increased visibility – with open access, your content will be discoverable and disseminated on a global level
  • Enhanced prestige and reputation of your organization and authors
  • Improved education - open access means that the public have access to the latest information published by your organization
  • Compliance with mandates and policies

Our Packages – Open Repository and Open Repository Lite

Open Repository offers you:

  • All of our Software tools and Hosting features
  • GB to Multi-TB storage: hosted and managed within our platform
  • Service level agreement (SLA) based support: a dedicated account manager and product manager
  • Deployment, configuration, customization and branding as part of our rapid set-up
  • Regular updates, new features, test platform and enhanced decoupled micro services
  • Storage and delivery of any file type: video, audio, research data and high-res images
  • Project management of simple or complex repository implementations
  • Training and support by a dedicated instructor
  • Marketing and publicity of your repository to end-users, key-users and stake-holders
  • A range of integrations and additional development by consultation

Open Repository Lite offers you:

  • A low cost repository aimed at low and middle income countries and smaller organizations
  • A feature-rich repository platform
  • GB storage: add further storage cheaply and incrementally as you grow
  • Lite service level agreement (SLA) based support workflow; upgraded support
  • Deployment, configuration, customization and branding as part of our rapid set-up
  • Regular updates and test platform
  • Storage and delivery of any file type – video, audio, research data and high-res images
  • Support materials, documentation and portal
  • For developing world repositories: add the BioMed Central Foundation Membership

What some of our clients say about us ...

Medecins Sans Frontieres
MSF Repository –International
The MSF is known for its humanitarian work, but it has also produced important field research published in 100+ peer-reviewed journals.

Download case study

The Christie NHS Foundation
Christie Repository -United Kingdom
Based in Manchester UK, the Christie NHS Foundation Trust is the largest single site cancer centre in Europe treating more than 44,000 patients a year.

Download case study

Manchester Metropolitan University
MMU E-Space Repository -United Kingdom
MMU is the UK’s 5th largest public university. Repository submission now takes place via the integrated Elements research information platform.

Download case study

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